For clean rooms and controlled environments Pharma- Clean Team offers world-class custom clean room doors and much more for a professional and functional design. Phamra Clean custom clean room doors provide a timeless look that perfectly complements your existing architecture while lasting for years on end.

Material: Aluminium profiled doors with 1 or 2 leaves,
Surfaces: powder-coated, with flush glazing.
Interlocking: Can be equipped with airlock and access control system.
Core: PIR, or mineral wool core
Flushing: 60 mm wall: both side flush, 100 mm wall: Single side flush

Pharma-Clean cleanroom doors have been designed specially to achieve low contamination levels in clean-room environment, furthermore to keep strict temperature, humidity and pressure conditions. Completely flush assembly for 60 mm panel thickness. In most cases we install into our 100 mm wall system, when the doors are one-side flush.

Door Interlocking

Airlocks with interlocked doors are to preclude ingress of particulate matter and microorganism contamination from a lesser controlled areas. Interlocking doors will facilitate better control of air balance throughout the aseptic processing facility. The Interlock system prevents the simultaneous opening of the doors in the airlock / change room.

Fully rebated electromagnetic interlock available on some systems. Option for flush fitted indicators.

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